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Empowering schools, learning centers, educators, and teachers to inspire the next generation through dynamic S.T.E.M. education!

Explore the exciting world of learning with The Scienarium License Program, designed for schools and education centers fueled by a passion for delivering engaging elementary S.T.E.M. courses in the classroom! Unleash the power of hands-on education and innovation with us.

our curricula

The Scienarium pedagogy, certified by the esteemed Education Alliance Finland (EAF), undergoes meticulous evaluation through a methodology rooted in educational psychology and Finnish pedagogical expertise. Certified as a well-designed educational solution aligning with the principles of learning science, its structure is in accordance with cutting-edge research on learning and pedagogy. Furthermore, it actively seeks to implement best practices, aiming to promote and support S.T.E.M. learning at its core.


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our license program

The Scienarium License Program doesn’t just offer a standard STEM education—it’s a dynamic and immersive learning experience crafted to captivate young minds.

With a comprehensive package that includes a stimulating learning environment, an array of engaging resources, meticulous teacher guidelines and training, and safe experiment equipment, it paves the way for schools and education centers to effortlessly deliver elementary STEM courses.


what do we offer?

Engaging Laboratory Designed with Cartoon Characters

Online Learning Resources

Teacher Guidelines and Training

Experiment Equipment Starter Kit

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